Runyon Oil Tools, INC
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Office:     (618) 395-5045
Fax:        (618) 395-3026
Steve:     (618) 838-7301
Luke:      (618) 838-3768
Blake:     (618) 839-3097

 We offer these quality rentals to our customers

Mud Pumps         Power Swivel         Wireline Set Retrievable Plug
Steel Pits            Packers                 Permanent Packers
Cast Iron Plugs    Retainers               Swivels
Sandline Drills     Changeover Subs    Wash Tool
Overshots           Miller Sand Pump    Sonic Hammers
Spears                Wash Pipe              Drill
Collars                On/Off Tools           Mills
Bits                    Elevators                Bumper Jars    
Taps                   Magnets                 Globe Baskets       
Junk Baskets      Slips                       Kelo Sockets
Wireline Spears   Wireline Knives        Retrievable Bridge Plus

Need something, but you don't see it on the list? 
Give us a call, we still may have the tool for you.